Our wedding reception halls can host wedding ceremonies and receptions of all types and sizes. In fact, we have two different wedding reception halls to choose from Hall 1 & Hall 2. Hall 1 can accommodate max of 400 guests and Hall 2 can accommodate 450 guest.

We are specialized in wedding ceremonies and receptions, including Western-style weddings, Indian-style weddings and Asian-style weddings, as well as ceremonies and receptions that bring together different traditions.

In all of our wedding reception halls, we provide world-class cuisine created by our in house professional chefs, including Western, Indian, Asian, Chinies and many more.

We also have a wide range of wedding reception hall décor for you to choose from. Visit our wedding reception hall gallery to see photos and videos of our different venues, decorations, cuisines and more.

Corporate Events / Business Exhibitions / Conferences

Host your company or organization's exhibition, conference, meeting and special events with us. We provide a large floor area for your event with latest technology, and world class catering and service. We are equipped with a generous power supply and removable staging our spaces can be adapted to meet the needs of your event. Our professional staff will take care of the small little details.

Banquet Facilities for Fundraisers

It’s challenging to find banquet facilities for fundraisers that are conveniently located, full service and won’t absorb the majority of the funds raised.All our banquet facilities are professionally run and competitively priced so you can get the full benefit of your fundraising efforts. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members can manage charity events of all kinds and sizes, including live auctions, silent auctions, concerts, cultural shows and other events.

Reception Banquet Halls for Religious Events

Choosing a reception banquet hall for your religious event celebration is no easy task. You want the event to go smoothly without having to spend all your time planning and managing it.

When you choose a Sari Banquet, you work with a team of event planning experts who can make your religious event celebration a huge success, without having to spend months working through all the details. Our dedicated staff will take care of every single detail in order to make your religious event as success as you wish for.